GRAFIKAMA (Service Peinture)

Collective exhibition
Address : 2 rue des Pénitentes, Nantes (FRANCE)
From the july 1st to august 28th 2016
Free entry

GRAFIKAMA (Service Peinture) is the third and last part of a cycle of exhibitions dedicated to graphic creation around the world, initiated by Pick Up Production and the artist Kazy Usclef for the Voyage à Nantes. After Latin America (Villa Ocupada, 2014), then Asia (Asie Riderz, 2015), Africa is this year being spotlighted.
13 artists from african metropolitan cities have performed during the month of june in an old industrial building, in Nantes. For two weeks, and hidden from public view, they have been turning it into a lively place of experimentation and artistic conception.
The exhibition, which was entirely made there, will offer to discover the world of the artists who get involved in the african modern graphic art. GRAFIKAMA (Service Peinture) will also tell the project genesis, from the first encounters with the artists in Africa until the residency in Nantes.

Download the guide for the exhibition


Visuel : Mr Gwen / Hidden Trophy, R1.